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Free Sample Monofilament Fishing Line

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Free sample monofilament fishing line!  Hey, there, any of you free sample lovers out there enjoy the thrill of casting your rod out on the ocean and landing the whopper of your dreams?  Well, the next time you go out fishing, you can take this free sample monofilament fishing line with you for good luck.  Schneider Fishing Lines is giving away free samples of their fishing lines as part of their “Like A Tiger” promotion.  Although I’m not sure what fishing has to do with being like a tiger.  I don’t think tigers catch fish.  I don’t even think they can swim.  Just remember not to be like a tiger if you fall into the water.  Because tigers can’t swim.  Tiger sharks, on the other hand, can.  Maybe you should be like a tiger shark.

Free Sample Monofilament Fishing Line

Click here for the free sample.

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