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Free Australia Sample Socks

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This Free Australian Sample is the cutest promotion I have ever had the pleasure to witness. And I’ve seen a lot in my day.

If you’ve ever lost a sock in the wash (and I know you have), you’ll understand where this company is coming from. Fisher & Paykel is actually an appliance company. And one of the appliances they offer is of course washing machines. Useful, though they are, washing machines tend to eat up socks. Socks that you’ll likely never find again.

Enter this free Australian sample and the “Lost Sock Research Project.” You can upload a picture of your lone sock and this company will put it through their database to find an appropriate match. You’ll probably want to skip this step but it’s a nice thought, nonetheless.

Put in your information for the rest of the form, and at the end you’ll be provided with a voucher (each one with a specific code) to redeem your free Australian sample pair at a participating store. Find your nearest Fisher & PayKel store by clicking here.

Nicely done. That’s one less pair to worry about. Or one more to loose. But let’s try and be optimistic about this pair. I have good feelings about it.

The Free Australian Sample: Click here for another chance with the sock Gods with this free sample. (Skip the intro and click on Get Your Fisher & PayKel Free Socks.)

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