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Free Australia Sample Shiseido Mascara

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This Free Australia Sample will accent those big, brown eyes of yours.

What’s that? They’re blue? That’s right, baby. Blue as the wide open sky above our heads.

Green, hazel, what have you, Shideido is offering you the chance to partake in an Australia free sample of their new and snazzy mascara.

You can print off the voucher from the link below to collect this freebie at participating department stores or pharmacies across Australia. (Click here for a list of locations.)

But since nothing is free in this world, you might have to sit through a 5 minute complimentary skin consultation to get this free sample.

If you catch a nice salesperson, this can be avoided and you can fast forward to the Australia sample you both know you’re there for. But alas, I cannot promise anything.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest doing your makeup as you see the woman on the voucher has. I know you’ll be happy about your free Australian sample and all, but that seems a little harsh for daytime.

N’est-ce que pas?

The Free Australian Sample: Click here to have impossibly defined lashes.

Oh and ps, if you enjoyed this free Australia sample, you visit us on Eff Bee. The Book of Face. You know, Facebook! Click here to do that. You know you want to, especially since it’ll help you find opportunities like this, FIRST.

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